New Car Detailing

In reality, the new vehicle you just bought has been sitting in the factory, on a boat, in a port, transported to a dealer then has experienced weather for a few months. During this time, it has probably gone through numerous washes and wipe downs, along with collecting industrial fallout and pollution involved with the transportation process. The majority of the time is when you buy a new vehicle it comes with dealer installed scratches, swirls and marring, along with bonded contamination from the transportation process and from sitting out in the dealership lot. 

New Car Package

Our New Car Detailing is more extensive and detailed than what you get at your neighbourhood detailer. It is designed to fix any problems inflicted prior to you taking possession of your vehicle and making sure it begins its journey on the right track with proper detailing care.


  • Exterior is carefully washed by hand
  • Full paint decontamination using claybar and iron remover to chemically remove any fallout or metal particles embedded on the paint
  • Machine polishing to safely remove factory defects, swirls, light scratches and to increase gloss, depth and clarity in the paint
  • Exhaust tips are cleaned and lightly polished
  • All interior / exterior windows wiped clean
  • Tire conditioner
  • Gloss enhancing paint sealant is applied which provides 6 months of protection
  • Time required: 6-8 hours

Coupe/Sedan: $350
Small SUV/Trucks:  $400
Large SUV/Trucks/Vans:  $450

(HST applicable)

*Available only to those vehicles with under 1000 kilometres on the odometer
**Vehicle will be inspected for any dents, deep scratches etc.